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At Leeds A|E, excellence is our prime motivator in all that we do;

client satisfaction our ultimate goal.

We believe that to serve our clients best, we must offer true value for their dollar; to that end, we strive to meet all of their wishes, and to fit our architectural design, engineering solutions and construction methods within their budget.  We pride ourselves on giving the best possible solution to the task at hand, and making that solution fit the budget.  Our client’s budget is always considered in our solutions and designs.

We believe the best way to design is to combine architecture, engineering and construction methods and techniques simultaneously.  We have the education and experience to be able to design a project and then create true construction documents, with every detail considered and designed, to that our documents can truly be built from; we’ve found that thinking out every detail saves time and money during construction.  We also have the ability to revise, add to and create new solutions to issues that might arise in the field under construction.  We design and engineer with the greatest precision, and can visualize our solutions from all angles.

We believe that improving our world through architecture is important.  Our designs have a sensitivity to style, and to the environment which our designs will be placed within. We take extreme care to ensure that proportion, scale, optics and palette become harmonious with each other, within the design as well as within the design’s environment.

It is becoming more and more important these days to pay great attention to our environment. Saving energy, reducing resources and building “green” is not only the way of the future, it is the way of the present.  It is our belief that building “green,” with low-impact on the earth, and designing and building with sustainable resources is the best way to practice our profession.  Solar, wind, and geothermal energy; L.E.E.D. Certification; “green” and sustainable materials; all are ways to make a project sensitive to the environment.

As form “form follows function,” so must design follow budget.

Affordable excellence in architecture & engineering.